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Thursday Jul 19, 2018 Midnight PST

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Member Testimonials

Linda B, New Mexico

"These products are absolutely A+!! I am sharing them with everyone I know! "

Susan C., Los Angeles

"You guys are going to make so many people money with this incredible home business system. The products, the web site, the videos. First Class!"

Jim D., Orlando, FL

"Amazing products, amazing company, amazing opportunity. Thank you! "




Anyone Placed Below You In Our System is Already Worth Money!

Because our system is already placing your new prospects below you on the team, each and every one of them is a potential candidate to either join our SEACRET™ program or become a buying preferred customer. As long as you upgrade by our Cut Off Date, you will hold your top position above any of these people. When you do this, you will have a chance to get paid in 5 Unique Ways.**

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No matter what rank you achieve as a SEACRET™ Agent, you will always be eligible to earn commissions from retail product sales. These are paid out on a weekly basis and reflect both your website orders and offline product order forms. SEACRET™ Agents can make retail sales commissions ranging from 30%, up to 60%. This is the difference between the wholesaler and retail price of the products.


Preferred Customers (PCs) are customers who have enrolled in the SEACRET™ Replenishment Program. This means they have choosen to have pre-packaged product collections, starting at approximately $50 shipped automatically to their address each month. This commitment to purchase entitles them to receive discounted pricing, exclusive product promotions, loyalty reward incentives and free gifts throughout the term of their enrollment.

Preferred Customer Commissions

Enrolling Preferred Customers is a great way for Agents to build a residual income. For each month your PC is charged for their Replenishment package, you can earn anywhere from 20% to 25% of the BV automatically!

20% Star and Star Builder
25% Bronze and Higher

A minimum of 200 TPV** must be achieved every four weeks to receive PC commissions.

Preferred Customer Program - Refer 4 and Pay No More

Want to receive your favorite SEACRET™ products for FREE? Simply Refer 4 and Pay No More! Anyone who refers 4 paying Preferred Customers to SEACRET™ will get their own monthly shipment FREE. Imagine creating a massive referral network of Preferred Customers who each refer 4 of their friends (to get their own product free). Because YOU are the SEACRET™ AGENT team member above them all, you get paid the 20% to 25% commissions!


The SEACRET™ Agent Compensation Plan is simple. It is built on the Power of 2. Unlike many plans that require focus on a multitude of groups to succeed, our system requires that you focus on building just two teams. You get paid on your entire team infinitely. This means there is NO generation cap to your potential income.

How It Works:

Simply share the SEACRET™ home business with any two of your contacts or by using our Secret Agent Live automated web marketing and advertising systems.

When any 2 new members join your team as paid, upgraded members, you are now Qualified to begin earning Team Commissions. There is no limit to how big your team can grow.

Your first goal is to enroll 1 New Team Member on your Left Team and 1 New Team Member on your Right Team. With the Secret Agent Live web marketing system, this can happen automatically during our upgrade Cut Off Date each Thursday.

You will then be paid up to 15% on the total new business volume coming from the smaller of the two teams growing below you (left or right). This is calculated for you automatically each month.

This Team Bonus pays you on the INFINITE GROWTH of the two teams below you. And with everyone on the team using our automated Secret Agent Live presentation system (FREE), you can earn up to $100,000 per month from the success and momentum of your entire team.


Leadership Match On Team Commissions

Qualified Bronze Agents and above are eligible to receive The Leadership Match Bonus. This is an UNLIMITED* stream of income in the SEACRET™ Compensation Plan that pays you for simply helping other Agents make money.

Earn up to 20% on the Team Commissions of Agents that you help achieve the Bronze Agent Rank or higher within your enrollment tree. You can earn on up to 4 generations of Bronze Agents and above.


The SEACRET™ Agent Compensation Plan is simple. It is built on the Power of 2. Unlike many plans that require focus on a multitude of groups to succeed, our system requires that you focus on building just two teams. You get paid on your entire team infinitely. This means there is NO generation cap to your potential income.

Car Bonus LifeStyle Bonus Rank Bonus

View Full Compensation Plan


Achievement with SEACRET™ is measured by rank advancement and rewarded with ever-increasing bonuses and commissions. All financial rewards (with the exception of Retail Commissions and Preferred Customer Commissions) require that qualified Agents be active Stars or higher.


SEACRET™ leadership positions begin with Bronze Agent and go all the way to our top position of Crown Agent. The SEACRET™ culture and compensation plan are both built on the position of Star. We've developed a Star-Building Factory! The Power of 2 can not be underestimated. By building Star after Star after Star, you will achieve everything you could dare to dream as part of our SEACRET™ Family.


Have one personally enrolled active Agent on the right team and one personally enrolled active Agent on the left team. To achieve Star Status, the Agent must remain active in the program.

Star Builder

Assist one personally enrolled Agent on your left and right teams to achieve and maintain the position of Star.

Leadership Positions

Pay the $49 registration fee and complete the SEACRET™ Agent Application. Agents are eligible to receive product sales commissions as long as they remain active in the program. An Active SEACRET™ Agent is an agent who has a minimum of 35 PV or 200 TPV every four weeks.


Agent Rank Requirements

  Replenishment Services (RP) Enrolled
Volume & Replenishment Services(RP)Enrolled
Rank Left Right Left Right
Bronze Agent 25 25 4,437 & 8 RP 4,437 & 8 RP
Silver Agent 100 100 17,500 & 30 RP 17,500 & 30 RP
Gold Agent 250 250 43,750 & 30 RP 43,750 & 30 RP
Ruby Agent 1000 1000 175,000 & 300 RP 175,000 & 300 RP
Emerald Agent 2500 2500 525,000 & 750 RP 525,000 & 750 RP
Diamond Agent 5000 5000 1,222,000 &1,500 RP 1,222,000 &1,500 RP
Double Diamond Agent 10,000 10.000 2,800,000 & 3,000 RP 2,800,000 & 3,000 RP
Crown Agent 25,000 25,000 8,750,000 & 7500 RP 8,750,000 & 7500 RP

**Secret Agent Live makes no promises of any specific numbers of new site visitors or prospects upgrading below you; and therefore no promises of any specific earning amounts. You do, however, have complete access to your earning potential and program details before you join.

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