Team Advertising Coop


Strategy To Making The Big Money


1.       Join Secret Agent Live as an Upgraded Full Team Member in SEACRET home business

2.       Drive or invite site visitors to  your own personal "" web site

3.       Let the Secret Agent Live video system take over and do the presentation work for you


 Getting Visitors To Your Web Site


As a Secret Agent Live team member, you are given your own video web site presentation system and back office manager. You are also given many "lander web site pages" to invite others to visit.  Each lander page stores your site visitor's information on file for you in your back office and then takes your site visitor into the tour of our video presentation. 


Your goal is simple:  share your invitation web site pages with as many people as you can, as often as you can.  Why?  Because everyone is looking to make extra money from home right now, online. 


      How to do this:

  • Advertise your web site online

  • Advertise your web site in print or radio

  • Print business cards

  • Print flyers

  • Share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter

  • Email it to contacts



How Our Team Email Advertising Coop Works


Every day we are contacting tens of thousands of home business entrepreneurs in our private home business database about our amazing SEACRET home business opportunity. As these people respond to our private email invitations to review our Secret Agent Live video web site presentation, we redirect them to your personal "" web site for you.  You thus receive a share of the total email leads that come in each day, shared with other coop participants.


Each lead opts-in first with their email address only.  This email is stored in your personal Secret Agent Live back office, where you can track your new site visitor and even contact them personally.


Our system then begins sending automated emails to your site visitor for you, alerting them to recent Secret Agent Live statistics and to their earning potential if they upgrade by the weekly Cut Off Date (Thursday at Midnight).


Some of the site visitors may also update their profile with Name and Phone, which will also update in your back office, allowing you to call those visitors who do this. You receive 1 new opt-in email visitor (email only) for $1.  Any visitors who update by adding their Name and Phone is just an added bonus (and costs you nothing more).


You receive live email visitors to your web site daily until your order is complete.  The Secret Agent Live system does all of the work presenting our home business program to your site visitors for you.  It also follows up with them for you.  But we do recommend you always contact them personally in email or (if available) phone to add that personal touch, establish a relationship, and answer any of their questions personally. Supplies are always limited, as these fresh daily email leads are in high demand.


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